Men with Grey Hair failed us…..

I will start by my favorite quote “There are some things we can’t choose. We can’t choose our parents, families and likewise our country. Nigeria is ours. I love the Federal Republic of Nigeria”

Everyone would agree with me, either man or nature that the major people who have in time past, shaped the course of history in several countries around the world and even those that shook the world itself, have been noted to begin by Spirited and Vibrant Youths. From Napoleon Bonaparte to Adolf Hitler, from Martin Luther King to President Obama, also our very own trio of Obafemi Awolowo, Nnamdi Azikwe and Abubakar Tafawa-Balewa who all bravely engaged the colonial masters and successfully gained us freedom… all at their late 20’s and very early 30’s.
It is however saddening to note that the same soil upon which youths were once treasured as the strength of the nation is now trodden upon by the Men with grey hair who doesn’t want to leave the corridor of power. The grey haired men have failed our generation; they are the architect of bad governance, corruption, and mal administration.

I’m sad to come to a conclusion base on what is happening in Nigeria Politics that it has been held, hijacked by the men of grey hair, I mean men in the ages 55 to 80 who are not ready to leave the corridor of power. They brought in corruption to the system, division, ethnics war, tribalism, nepotism, unemployment, poverty that we are all suffering from today.

I am writing this piece to answer the question that has been posed to me by my elites friends, colleagues at home and here in diaspora that come February 2015 who will I be supporting?. This question has been bordering me because we have just two major candidates contesting for the seat of the presidency (General Buhari and President Jonathan). I continue to weep because these people continue to play with our generation and our future.

Having read a lot of books about the trio Obafemi Awolowo, Nnamdi Azikwe and Abubakar Tafawa-Balewa, I fore saw that they laid a good foundation base on their ability. They tried to unify us, they tried to provide good roads, free education, basic amenities Etc. But it is unfortunate that the men I referred to as my father’s generation failed us because they never built on that foundation given to them, all the problems we are facing today began during their time, all they could offer is bad governance, war, ethnics division, corruption.

It is painful that the men with grey hair inherited safety, good roads, free education, electricity, portable waters, early employments but my generation never met any of these things that the generation before me enjoyed. The generation before us has only given us pain, corruption, penury and bad education.

It pains me when I see some election posters and all I could see is a people using the picture, clothing style, cap style of that great man Obafemi Awolowo as an appeal for vote. That means the generation before me knew that some people gave them the foundation but they failed to transfer or build on that foundation.

All I have seen since I was born is that Nigeria have had rulers, bosses but no leaders, nothing has been transferred to us. When we have a culture that doesn’t understand the purpose of power, abuse and oppression is inevitable. What have I been saying in essence is that both buhari and Jonathan have failed, we need a new Nigeria with new vision, new idea and purpose.

I will never support that Buhari of the Tinubus , I will never support the Buhari who was an head of state before I was born, I will never support the Buhari who couldn’t use his decree power as a military head of state for us to have a stable economy. I will never be part of people who thinks Buhari is coming to eradicate corruption when I knew the people sponsoring him are crooks that can buy Nigeria if given the chance.                                   I will never support Buhari who at no time tried to unify Nigerians. “An American secretary of state says at one time that the American people will never allow there government to fail no matter the color or party of the person in power, because they don’t think of themselves or party but the people who voted them in.

I pray for a collective Nigeria because no man can do it alone, we all have to be on board to move the sinking ship forward.

God bless my Fatherland

Prince Adebowale

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Some 54 Years Ago a country Nigeria was unfurled, we were able to be called an independent country with a genuine flag that symbolizes forests, abundant natural wealth and peace. In this century, the Nigeria political culture has been one of the major problems the country is facing. The political culture of any country reflects the impact of its history on the way people think about politics and their society as a whole. In Nigeria’s case, the lack of interest in politics and for the regime, at times, for the very existence of Nigeria have plagued it development since the country gained its independence.


Taking us back to the early years of our independent, I believed in the anthropologist that claimed that it was too early for us to have gained independent under the British colonial rule. In the late 1950s through early 1960s our leaders/politicians were primarily interested in the issues of “INDEPENDENCE”, “NATIONAL INTEGRATION”, “MODERNIZATION”. The so called urban and westernized minority among us were aspiring to lead their largely authorities who deemed themselves reactionary. What’s more, the actions of our so called elites since 1960 have undoubtedly left the country more alienated and polarized than it was before independence. It is pathetic that Nigeria as a country is at the other side of political and economic development. Daily income per head is believed to be less than a dollar, economic and social infrastructures are underdeveloped and manufacturing base is weak. Political culture is assumed to be cross-generational and stable, perception of the rights and obligations of citizenship and of the rules for participating in the political process.


According to David euston on political system in relation to political culture, he emphasized on these three types of political culture: The Parochial, Subject and The Participant political culture.


Parochial is typically low awareness of the citizen towards politics, low expectation and less participation. In real model, citizens have no cognitive orientation toward the political system. Societies do not expect anything positive from the government, nor do they expect to participate in politics because they see it as a thing of the elite.

The government is seen as the enforcer of its own rules and consequently, politics is seen by an average Nigerian as something to be avoid when necessary.

It is sad that the parochial political culture shapes and influences social action in Nigeria and consequently determines it. Lack of orientation of Nigerians towards the political system has caused the country sustainable national and economic development; and absolute lack of commitment. Our leaders have in everyway capitalized on the people’s lack of interest in what is happening in government to deny the country a systematic and sustainable development. They are instead busy amassing wealth for their personal gain, and this accounts for the high level of corruption, ineptitude and lack of political direction, which have inhibited the country’s growth, development, and the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Our political leaders don’t want us to participate in politics in order not to demand for proper accountability.


What we have gained so far for participating and getting entangled in this parochial political culture is nothing but we fighting each other (BOKO HARAM), kleptocracy, unemployment, lack of basic amenities, waiting to reap where we did not sow, cronyism, corruption, politics of religion, borrowing what we did not have and depending on aids when we have enough resources to sustain ourselves.

However, the type of political culture practiced in Nigeria has robbed it of its national development. I believed that Nigeria’s development been put on hold because of the citizen’s attitude towards the political system and the leadership behavior towards what they should be doing for the citizens for overall development of the country.



Conclusively, The present condition is enrichment without development, we have a nation blessed with vast natural and human resources, but its political culture and corrupt attitude of the leaders have forestalled its match to greatness and sustainable development. If the amount of illegal resources acquired by those at the corridor of power is ploughed into some key sectors of the economy like education, health, agriculture, human capital development, infrastructure and power, the nation would have been rated among the most developed. However, getting involved in politics doesn’t mean we should contest for a political post or join a political party but what am saying is that we should all be politically conscious and aware of the political system so we can demand for effective governance, economic diversification, unbiased reformed policy, conflict prevention and overall real democracy.

The need to take new steps in addressing our divergent political culture is now as we celebrate our 54th independence.


I know we got what it takes; I am ready for the leap, are you?


God bless Nigeria


Adebowale Abeleje

Graduate/research student

Morgan State University.

Baltimore. MD

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Nigeria at 52 AGAIN?

Nigeria has a way of imposing endurance, tolerance and hope in us than one can imagine. The ability for you to hope for a better tomorrow is one that comes from God.

Nigeria at 52 AGAIN?
Let me start by admitting that a celebration is or should be a happy event. Hurrah, we are 52 on October 1st. Despite her enormous resources, I will start my analysis from the time what I recollect….I can remember vividly a day after my birthday in June 1998 when the head of state died, people were happy and rejoicing as if the most evil person had died not knowing that our sufferings are yet to come…

On the 8th of June 1998, General Abacha died in his sleep at the Aso Rock Villa, Abuja. General Abdulsalam Abubakar, who until then was Chief of Defence Staff, was then sworn in as the new military Head of State of Nigeria. General Obasanjo was released from prison only for Chief M. K. O. Abiola to die mysteriously in Abuja, after drinking a cup of tea. General Abdulsalam Abubakar announced that he would hand over power to a civilian Government of Nigeria in May 1999 which he did…

However, according to my findings as a management students that loves theory of economics, I have read through recent research that Nigeria has a country has passed through different economic theories e.g. Yakubu Gowon embraced nationalist polices, Ibrahim Babangida regime opted for neo-classical economics(IMF AND WORLD BANK). Recently, different people noted that the continued imbalance in the operation of the federal system was a threat to good governance and enduring democracy. Many reasons why Nigeria has underperformed as a state, over dependence on oil, unsuccessful economic policies, widespread corruption, bad politics, nepotism and the country’s bad reputation on the international scene.
At this point it is important we decide the future of Nigeria by asking ourselves, is there Hope for Nigeria? The answer we choose now in 2012 will determine whether there is hope or future for a failed state.
Today, in another week, we will be 52 and I am hungry, and I hope you are too, to listen to what President Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan will tell us, his countrymen and women. I would like to hear how what he says can be viewed against what we have achieved beyond 1998. The simple task has had to do with leadership and our President ought to be telling us what progress we have made in this direction. The truth is that without a credible leadership we can never get anywhere with anything. A credible leadership is not proof of the presence of a good or active president. It is the visible and palpable presence of the Rock that stabilizes the polity. The Rock is not a person. It is an institution.

Way forward: The way out of this problem is restructuring the political arrangement to make it more manageable and less demanding on our resources. You may have your own approach to this re-arrangement of our political structures or, indeed, what you believe can replace them.
What I have said above is not new. I have addressed the issues and have provided the a little way forward. But how ready are we? We have an arrangement in which sharing is the motto. As I have said, we refuse to help bake a cake that everyone wants a share of. We are spending more than we are earning in the sense that we are eating up what should be invested for the welfare and security of our offspring. Within a few days, we will be 52 years old as a politically independent country. But what the Americans told us about being a failed state still knocks on our door should still ring in our ears; and we will be ill-advised to ignore the warning.
Thanks for reading.

Prince Adebowale

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Why Poverty is not leaving africa

Why Poverty is not leaving africa.

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Why Poverty is not leaving africa

It was so good deliberating with people and asking why poverty keeps growing in Africa despite the abundance of natural resources, cheap labour and so on.

Have you ever wondered why poverty in Africa deepens despite the abundant natural resources we have.This question bothers me a lot and I want to find out one of the major reasons why Africa as a whole using Nigeria as a case study may not or will never overcome this problem if neccessary approach are not focused on.

I see neo-colonialiasm as a major factor that is increasing poverty in africa

Neocolonialism is the practice of using capitalism, globalization, and cultural forces to control a country (usually former European colonies in Africa or Asia) in lieu of direct military or political control. Such control can be economic, cultural, or linguistic; by promoting one’s own culture, language or media in the colony, corporations embedded in that culture can then make greater headway in opening the markets in those countries. Thus, neocolonialism would be the end result of business interests leading to deleterious cultural effects

Consider this scenario: A situation where a town in the Niger Delta, Nigeria, that is enriched with natural resources, we enforce the laws on the oil producing company in the zones with an option of no further production, if they are not ready to cover up for the humanitarian ,environmental and ecological devastation they are causing in the area by taking up some responsibility e.g road construction, water and electricity service, and jobs for community members.

Most developed countries comes to the developing countries with big capital to invest in their natural resources extraction without thinking of the natural disaster they are causing to the land. Most of these multi national companies dont invest in the economy of the country all they do is to explore there resources and get profit just because the sector is privatised.

Another area is where the developed countries will force the world bank to make sure that the developing countries adopt some policies that will favour their countries even if the policies will increase poverty rather than alleviating poverty just because they are seeking for loans from the financial institutions(world bank)(IMF)

Therefore, the major effect of neo coloniasation which is really increasing Poverty in africa has also help in increasing crime (NIGERIA case study) as a whole .

Recently, the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics recently released a report claiming that about 100 million Nigerians are living below poverty level. This declaration did not raise many eyebrows.

it is so unfortunate that its only when we are ready to take up responsibilities, there will be reduction in poverty level across Africa……….our leader’s mind are so shallow that once they are given little money to embezzle or a contract to handle they will forget the major populace

it will be good of African leaders not to lie low but to take part constructively in debates and put up strong resistance to obnoxious policies so that the continent would not go into “second slavery”.

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